Get the right level of expert support for your online success

No matter how large or complex the task, Erabia has the right team, expertise, training and also support to deliver on your goals. Most noteworthy our services come packed with our guarantee of on-time delivery, the highest level of quality, expert knowledge transfer, training and extreme support

eCommerce Strategy &


First of all from designing your storefront to rolling out your online store across multiple countries, Erabia’s team of experts ensure that no requirement is left undone or any detail is ignored. Our depth of experience comes from having worked in virtually all industries with some of the region’s largest companies in a variety of ecommerce environments. Our long list of implementations range from the simple one-off online store, a mobile-only strategy for a large regional retailer, a global large scale online business-to-business manufacturer. Even more our services covers the full ecommerce process, from design to implementation, infrastructure, hosting, deployment, knowledge transfer, training and support.

Digital Marketing

From SEO enhancements to pop-up surveys, emails and on-the-spot recommendations, our solutions help you drive visitors to your online store and convert them into loyal customers. Even more our solutions help by providing you with improved SEO and links to social media sites, integration with email marketing and referral marketing sites, a thorough understanding of your store visitors, tools to enhanced conversion rates such as on-the-spot recommendations and abandoned cart reminders and tools to Increase customer loyalty and repeat business such as chat lines, surveys, reminders, etc.


An e-commerce platform is never complete without proper order processing, financial accounting, warehousing, and inventory management systems. Certainly Erabia’s platform offers these systems as part of our standard offering. Some clients, however, already have one or more of these systems, which we help them integrate with the platform. Above all Erabia’s Integration services include Inventory management, Order management, Accounting, Payment Gateway, Warehousing, Point-of-Sale, Fulfilment & logistics, Analytics, and Digital Marketing Solutions.

Erabia Cloud™

Erabia cloud™ encompasses our vast network of hosting and infrastructure management. Our Erabia Cloud™ enables flexibility, scalability, high availability and also security in state-of-the-art global data centers with 24/7 monitoring and support. Let Erabia host and manage your eCommerce platform. Erabia partnered with Amazon (AWS) to provide affordable managed services offering such features as autoscaling, continuous backup, CDN, multi-level load balancing, state-of-the-art security, monitoring and so on.

Digital Catalog

The first and most challenging step for any stores that decide to go online is the digitizing of their product catalog. Recognizing this, Erabia certainly offers our experienced merchandising staff to help our clients produce high quality digital catalogs complete with photos, product description, product coding, and pricing information.

Support Extreme™

Erabia’s business model is one where clients are in fact partners and their success is that of Erabia’s. Our support is therefore extreme and our dedication is unparalleled. Just ask our clients or as we like to call them, our partners. Therefore our support extends beyond the maintenance of existing functionality to cover ongoing training of client staff, analysis of store performance and reach, continuous innovation around improving online sales, upgrading the store’s look, feel, and function as the business requires, and ensuring that end-customers continue to have the best shopping experience possible.