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Project Description

Al Ameed Coffee opened its first small shop in 1973 with the mission of creating a perfect cup of Turkish coffee. Slowly but surely the passion and expertise paid off.  Al Ameed Coffee became an established and popular brand both locally and regionally. A commitment to providing our customers with the same unique taste every time resulted in a bond of trust with customers that continued to strengthen with time.

The coffees popularity continued to spread. Al Ameed Coffee faced the challenging task of delivering on this commitment while meeting its rapidly growing demand. At this point a transition was made to an industrial scale of production. Therefor we are enable to ensure consistency by centralizing the quality sensitive processes of production. Under the close supervision of a dedicated quality assurance team. The added capacity also opened the door to a rapid expansion in regional and global markets, with a selection of prepackaged coffee products that are now available in a wide range of countries worldwide.

It takes a huge effort to create the unique taste of Al Ameed Coffee. The process begins with the meticulous selection, sample testing and blending of some of the world’s finest Arabica coffee. After that point the coffee is roasted and ground in a way that adheres to the latest scientific standards, while preserving some of the unique traditional methods. The coffee is then packaged almost instantly after grinding to preserve the fresh taste and lock in the rich aroma and flavor. All this is done using state of the art machinery and is monitored continuously by our quality assurance.